Study of Acid Mine Drainage Management with Evaluating Climate and Rainfall in East Pit 3 West Banko Coal Mine

Posted by : Dr. Neny Rochyan, S.T., M.T,
Pada Tanggal : 28-Feb-2020,00:18:36
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Abstract. Acid mine drainage is a major problem for the mining environment. The main factor that formed acid minedrainage is the volume of rainfall. Therefore, it is important to know clearly the main climate pattern of rainfall andseason on the management of acid mine drainage. This study focuses on the effects of rainfall on acid mine water management. Based on daily rainfall data, monthly and seasonal patterns by using Gumbel approach is known theamount of rainfall that occurred in East Pit 3 West Banko area. The data also obtained the highest maximum daily rainfallon 165 mm / day and the lowest at 76.4 mm/day, where it is known that the rainfall conditions during the period 2007 - 2016 is from November to April so the use of lime is also slightly, While the low rainfall is from May to October and theuse of lime will be more and more. Based on calculation of lime requirement for each return period, it can be seen the total of lime and financial requirement for treatment of each return period