The Analysis of Coal Liquefaction Using Limonite Catalyst on Central Banko, Tanjung Enim South Sumatera

Posted by : Dr. Neny Rochyan, S.T., M.T,
Pada Tanggal : 26-Feb-2020,22:17:00
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Abstract- Coal liquefaction process that often said as a hydrogenation degradation were direct conversion from solid structure of coal becoming liquid product was done. Catalyst on liquefaction of coal using to insert H atom from catalytic dissociation H2molecular into the coal or mixture of coal-solvent therefore could increase the availability active hydrogen. This research propose to know the comparation between coal liquefaction process using catalyst and without catalyst on liquefaction process of central Bankocoal, South Sumatera by using the equipments such as, autoclave 500, soxhlet. Distillation installation, oven+exilator, of operation condition in this matter was % catalyst, temperature and time on anthracen solvent toward conversion resulted from liquefaction process of banko tengah coal, south Sumatera. From analysis and the measurement, resulting % conversion ( THF extraction result) highly on 96,988% on temperature 4000 C, catalyst = 2 % and time on 75 minutes for coal liquefaction by using catalyst and the highest conversion for coal liquefaction without using catalyst were on operation condition at 425oC temperature and 75 minute operation time which reach 65.4695 % conversion result . This research on liquefaction of Central Banko coal with limonite catalyst and anthracene solvent on this variable and this operation condition , actually resulting high % conversion compare with previous research Keywords: Coal Liquefaction, Catalyst, Conversion