The Effectiveness Study on CaO Lime Dose and Operation Time Variation and Its Influence on ACID Mine Drainage Treatment

Posted by : Dr. Neny Rochyan, S.T., M.T,
Pada Tanggal : 26-Feb-2020,21:46:10
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Abstract—The use of CaO lime in an effort to neutralized the mine water is common practice in many areas, especially mine coal mines due to the availability of raw materials that are relatively inexpensive and lime in order to raise the pH capabilities has proven effective. In the mud settling ponds on east Pit 3 West Bangko coal mine, neutralizing the mine water is done by using calcium oxide with a predetermined dose however its has not been measured and analyzed with the appropriate ratio of lime dose that most effective considering operating time to determine the effective activity of lime. This research was conducted to compare various dose of lime and operation time variations in the channel of mud sttling pond so as to provide the information that is most effective conditions for calcification. According to the results of laboratory experiments, it is known that the best pH is the ratio of lime dose of 0.8 g / l to 50 minutes operating time which gained the highest pH at 7.35. while the results of the measurement of the influence between variables is known that there is a significant relationship between the ratio of lime dose and time of operation to pH is about 89% and 93% and a positive relationship between the increaseoin the ratio of lime dose on pH and time of operations with the increase of pH . Index Terms—Mine water, the ratio of lime dose, mud settling ponds